Goodbye Counter Clocks. Under new owner, Lexington’s baseball team changing name again

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Grasshopper New Brand and Leadership

Beginning with a new CEO in May 2021, Grasshopper expands its brand and mission to serve new businesses and the innovation economy.

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Chipping Away At Toxic Partisanship – Embracing Rank Choice Voting

If one believes restoring democracy in the United States requires a functional two-party system, Rank Choice Voting (also known as RCV) is an important improvement to our current voting process.

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Eyrus Receives $12 Million In Series A Funding

Eyrus, the leading job site intelligence platform for the construction and oil and gas industries, announced that it has closed $12 million in Series A funding.

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Our Plan to Invest in 10 Impact Startups in 2022

We are looking for founders with scalable financial inclusion and impact-as-a-service products that strengthen vulnerable communities. 

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Card Isle partnering with grocery store startup

Card Isle, the greeting card category leader in eCommerce grocery, partners with OPIE, the drive-through grocery startup.

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Esusu impact startup becomes unicorn

Esusu is one of the few Black-owned startups to reach unicorn status both in the United States and globally.

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