Temerity Impact Fund

A pre-seed and seed venture impact fund focused on financial inclusion, climate, mental well-being, and civic health.

Building a pathway together.

We invest in companies driven by both profit and purpose.

At Temerity Impact Fund, we believe that the solutions needed to help heal the planet and accelerate equitable access to resources are being built by today’s innovators. Our pre-seed/seed venture impact fund focuses on financial inclusion, climate, mental wellness, and civic health.

We provide catalytic capital to pre-seed and seed startups working to improve the lives of individuals and communities with technology. Our fund invests in startups ranging from pre-revenue with a completed MVP to startups with up to $250K in monthly revenue.


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A Message From The Managing Director

We are dedicated to supporting early-stage founders who are building tech-enabled companies that can have a positive impact on society. We believe that mission-driven companies will be the driving force behind the next generation of business titans, and we’re proud to help these companies grow and succeed.

Jake Sandler

Managing Director