5 reasons to love impact investing

Impact investing isn’t just popular – it’s powerful. Here are 5 reasons impact investing is good business for both returns and impact.


Cannon Ballers Attendance Doubles 2019 Numbers

2021 was an unusual year for everyone – especially for baseball. The Cannon Ballers, however, saw a different story altogether.

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Why We Are Pre-Seed Impact VC Investors

Discovering and believing in a startup that successfully matures into a large, profitable company is nearly equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. We are on the hunt for a needle in a hayfield: the early-stage + impact startup.

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Esusu Named Top 10 Innovative Company

Esusu was named among FastCompany’s 2022 list of Most Innovative Companies.

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Luma Health announces LumaBot

Luma Health launches LumaBot, an actionable, EHR-integrated web-based chatbot.

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Grasshopper New Brand and Leadership

Beginning with a new CEO in May 2021, Grasshopper expands its brand and mission to serve new businesses and the innovation economy.

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Chipping Away At Toxic Partisanship – Embracing Rank Choice Voting

If one believes restoring democracy in the United States requires a functional two-party system, Rank Choice Voting (also known as RCV) is an important improvement to our current voting process.

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