Cannon Ballers Attendance Doubles 2019 Numbers

2021 was an unusual year for everyone – especially for baseball. In a recent Charlotte Business Journal article, most clubs were just reporting numbers with year-over-year analysis. The Cannon Ballers, however, saw a different story altogether – who saw their numbers more than double its 2019 attendance (remember – all parks were closed during 2020).

In 2019, the average number of fans per home was 1,133 and the total cumulative attendance for the year was 162,031. In 2021, they saw those numbers rise to 2,701 per home page and 162,031 for total annual attendance.

Many reasons contributed to the rise in attendance including a new stadium and location, a new brand, and renewing the partnership between the team and its community. More than that, the stadium has become an integral public facility for Kannapolis.

“We’re unique in that there aren’t many ballparks that are open each day from sunrise to sunset,” Matt Millward, the Cannon Ballers General Manager told the Charlotte Business Journal.

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