Andy Sandler Tips Hat to MLB on Voting Rights Stance

I’m proud of my colleagues at Major League Baseball. Voting Rights matter, and efforts to suppress voting rights as did the Georgia political establishment is anti-democratic and therefore anti-American.

By moving the All-Star Game,  MLB has taken an important step in advancing Baseball’s claim to be America’s Pastime. It joins iconic American companies Coke and Delta Airlines in speaking up.  Leadership of each of these bastions of American capitalism know that open and fair competition is a recipe for a booming economy and a balanced political system.  The ultimate winners in a system of fair and open elections will be a Republican Party that will be forced to advance ideas and candidates with broader appeal to the political center.  A strong two party system based on inclusion rather than exclusion of citizens of color from the process makes our country stronger.

Thank you, Commissioner Manfred and Major League Owners and Players for declaring your support for democracy in America.

About the Author

Andy Sandler is an entrepreneur, investor, and strategic advisor to the financial services industry.