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Andy Sandler Tips Hat to MLB on Voting Rights Stance

Voting Rights matter, and efforts to suppress voting rights as did the Georgia political establishment is anti-democratic and therefore anti-American.

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Increased Scrutiny Makes Data More Important Than Ever

To quote a great American philosopher (and pretty good baseball player and manager), Yogi Berra,  in the Fair Lending world, “It is deja vu all over again.”

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Andy’s Reflections: Labor Day Past, Present, & Future

Where is that life now for first generation Americans without formal education? 

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Baby’s Birth Restores Grandfather’s Faith – A Hopeful Outlook

Jack, my promise to you is that I will do my best to contribute through words and deeds to move our country forward.

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The Sandler Family Foundation: Giving During COVID-19

In this pandemic, every thing we do that shows our humanity and connects with others in need matters more than ever.

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Leveraging Human Expertise

It is critical to think about RegTech as an opportunity to leverage subject matter expertise – not a substitute for such expertise.

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