Lexington Legends and MANUAL Offer Innovative Mental Health Support to Players

June 14, 2024


LEXINGTON, KY – For decades, Legends players have been supported physically by
top-notch local healthcare providers such as those at Lexington Clinic and CHI St.
Joseph Health. This year, though, the team is turning its focus to player mental health
and wellness. The Legends have launched a partnership with MANUAL, an online
wellness service targeted at improving men’s health by providing men with tools to
optimize their mental wellness, sexual health, nutrition, fitness, and more.

MANUAL is on a mission to empower men with the knowledge and tools they need to
make informed decisions about their health and lead fulfilling lives. MANUAL is
particularly focused on supporting young men, who can be resistant to more traditional
systems of support.

Team manager Gregg Zaun explained, “It’s been a little while, but I can remember being
19, 20, 21 years old in the clubhouse dealing with some pretty heavy stuff and thinking,
‘What do I do?’ You’re surrounded by all these athletic role models, but men don’t
usually talk about the things that really matter. So, when the ownership group
approached me about giving our guys this tool, I said, ‘Heck yeah. Let’s do it.’”

Temerity Capital Partners, principal owners of the Lexington Legends, invested in
MANUAL out of its Impact Fund in 2023. Since then, the fund leaders have been
consistently impressed by the platform’s reach and its ability to engage young men in
substantive mental health conversations, giving them confidence that it’s a great
resource for players who might find themselves far from home without any of their
typical support systems or trusted outlets.

“MANUAL’s platform is unique—easy to navigate and discreet, making it a standout in
mental health tech. I hope it will serve as an indispensable resource for Legends players,
connecting them to the community’s terrific providers and community resources,” said
Jake Sandler, who leads Temerity’s Impact Fund.

“Unfortunately, men are oftentimes resistant to seeking help for their struggles. Rather
than forcing them into systems that don’t work for them, we need to re-imagine how we
support men dealing with wellness issues,” said Matthew Stefanko, CEO of MANUAL.
“Temerity and the Lexington Legends understand this, which is why this collaboration
between MANUAL and the Legends will be so fruitful for the players. The Legends are
deeply committed to their players’ well-being, and we are ecstatic to support them on
this journey.”

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