Savi Raises $6m To Further Its Cause Helping Student Loan Borrowers Find Loan Forgiveness

Temerity invested in the Washington, D.C. based social impact start-up, Savi, recently. The company’s mission: working to solve the student debt crisis by helping the 44 million student loan borrowers better understand their debt, lower their payments, and enroll in a plan that will help them on the path to student loan freedom. Savi is a Public Benefit Corporation. We were founded by long-time student loan experts and advocates committed to fighting for borrowers. Savi works with all types of partners, from Fortune 500 companies to membership organizations to financial institutions, to provide our tools to their networks.

TechCrunch Profiled Savi as it raised a $6m Series A investment round. Take a look.

About the Author

Alicia Amling is the Chief of Staff at Temerity Capital Partners, where she manages outward-facing projects for Temerity and its CEO.