We are a Washington, D.C.-based family office.

We build and invest in early-stage innovative businesses solving for the emerging and existing needs of the financial services industry.  We invest where our regulatory and financial services expertise and deep relationships will accelerate growth. And, we invest in sports, entertainment, and development opportunities that contribute to a city’s revitalization and economic growth.

In all of our endeavors, we embrace our obligation to be responsible business leaders with a focus on the best interests of our community and our nation. We believe that partnership and collaboration is the best path to success.

Who We Are

Andy Sandler is an entrepreneur, investor, and strategic advisor to the financial services industry. He leads Temerity Capital Partners.


3 Ways to Impress Pre-seed Investors with a Financial Model

Putting together a financial model can be daunting, especially when a startup is pre-revenue. Yet, it's critical to understand the type of talent needed to grow, the unit economics of running a business, and how to build for profitability before going to investors.