How 4P Foods is rebuilding a climate-positive food system one bag of veggies at a time

It turns out our entire food system — how we grow, pack, ship, store, and deliver food – contributes nearly 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And the average tomato travels nearly 1,500 miles to get to you. 4P Foods is trying to fix that.

Why We Invest in Credit Building Fintech Solutions

You can’t build credit if you can’t access credit. Within this paradox lies our investment strategy: break this Catch-22 by investing in credit building products designed for people with poor credit and debt.

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Andy Sandler Tips Hat to MLB on Voting Rights Stance

By moving the All-Star Game,  MLB has taken an important step in advancing Baseball’s claim to be America’s Pastime.

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Increased Scrutiny Makes Data More Important Than Ever

To quote a great American philosopher (and pretty good baseball player and manager), Yogi Berra,  in the Fair Lending world, “It is deja vu all over again.”

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Andy’s Reflections: Labor Day Past, Present, & Future

Where is that life now for first generation Americans without formal education? 

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Baby’s Birth Restores Grandfather’s Faith – A Hopeful Outlook

Jack, my promise to you is that I will do my best to contribute through words and deeds to move our country forward.

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