How 4P Foods is rebuilding a climate-positive food system one bag of veggies at a time

It turns out our entire food system — how we grow, pack, ship, store, and deliver food – contributes nearly 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And the average tomato travels nearly 1,500 miles to get to you. 4P Foods is trying to fix that.

Why We Are Pre-Seed Impact VC Investors

Discovering and believing in a startup that successfully matures into a large, profitable company is nearly equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. We are on the hunt for a needle in a hayfield: the early-stage + impact startup.

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Chipping Away At Toxic Partisanship – Embracing Rank Choice Voting

If one believes restoring democracy in the United States requires a functional two-party system, Rank Choice Voting (also known as RCV) is an important improvement to our current voting process.

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Temerity Talks

Dive deeper into Temerity's perspective, leadership and investment strategies, industry insights, and portfolio updates.

Our Plan to Invest in 10 Impact Startups in 2022

We are looking for founders with scalable financial inclusion and impact-as-a-service products that strengthen vulnerable communities. 

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Why No One Invests in CivicTech, But We Do

If we don’t begin to invest in civic solutions with the same vigor as we do transportation, housing, finances, and food – is our democracy doomed?

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How Baseball Revitalized a Venerable Mill Town

Baseball might not seem like the economic catalyst Kannapolis, N.C. needed. Yet for this former mill town, once the top global producer of towels, baseball is driving the community’s revitalization.

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